Becoming an animal

October 20, 2018

I wanted to carry the animal to the church,

not for a blessing, instead

to prove it didn't need one.


So I didn't bring it into the sanctuary, and everyone thought this was quite polite,

to keep my animal with straw stuck to the dung on its feet outside.

But really I wanted them to sit side by side as equals.

Two big lumps of flesh. 


You see my animal is its own sanctuary.


My animal can do CPR training, but only at random intervals, which is then construed as some type of prophetic response, like flamingos that fly the wrong way and fall, suddenly, when they freeze in the sky over Siberia.


It cannot save your life all the time, because then it would be practical. It has been said that holy things cannot have a use. I don't believe this is true, but this is how some people split the profane from the sacred. The useless  must be set apart from the things we make assumptions about as if our routines and rumors would be more dependable than flamingos.


Like churches.


I used to be practical.


Out of necessity.


I made a shoestring corral to live in,

Big enough to support small living things. 

I had to leave the doors open when it was hot and light the heater with a match every night. But it was real. And I worked hard to braid the shoestrings, and to frustrate the bill collectors.


It was a lot of work and measurement and perhaps stealing.

To build a world that sustains some spider plants and  aloe vera. 

And now someone braids for me. I am not sure if I am useful or not. And in the middle of the corral I make a lot of animals that I am unable to feed or bath, making quite sure there will be no practical application, so they can be made without explanation. Animals are as incomprehensible as a  pure motive.  I wipe them with straw and {create odd rituals}. I forget a lot and think I might be getting older, but sometimes "now" is not the most important time. It is sometimes more important to find something eternal, a string, a stone, the elements. 




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